The QUADSAW is the answer to reducing stress, maximizing your time and simplifying your work routine. How? Let’s go through the top five advantages below.

Drills the perfect hole in under 5 seconds

No more using a jab saw, or oscillating tool to make several cuts and hope it’s perfectly square and will fit the box. No more having to go back in and try to trim up an imperfect hole. A perfect square hole, in under 5 seconds.

Once finished, there is no filling or fixing the hole required.

That’s right, no patching, or painting required. You won’t be returning to the job to fix issues with over-cut holes again. You’ll never have to worry about blowing out the back of the sheet rock, weakening the drywall. You’ll be cutting perfect, installation ready holes every time.

No more tracing around the box, you just need to make a center mark.

The QUADSAW just keeps saving you time! No more tracing the box for each hole. All you need to do is make one mark per box and you’re ready to cut.

Connects to a dust extractor.

Minimize your clean up time with the dust extractor attachment. It will be the best $30 you ever spent. With the dust extractor attachment, you’ll be keeping the job clean from the start and breathing in less toxic dust throughout your day.

Will go through dense drywall up to 1” thick

The QUADSAW is powerful and has the capability to cut through dense drywall, up to 1“ thick. You can use it on fire and sound resistant or other dense boards. We are currently designing blades for plywood, Hardie backer, cement boards, bricks and ceramics.

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