The QUADSAW tool is pretty straight forward both in use and care. Here are our quick tutorials, all in one place for you to easily access.

Change a blade on your QUADSAW®

If you need to change your QUADSAW blades, it’s a simple process. The QUADSAW has a pin release mechanism which means that the blade is locked. Simply push the pin and the blade will pop out. When putting the new blade in, it will not go all the way in until you push the release pin. Pull to ensure it is locked.

Pilot Drill Replacement

In the unlikely event your pilot drill breaks, it should be a clean break. To remove a broken pilot drill, you’ll need your pliers to help you initially twist it out. Unscrew it completely and simply screw the new pilot drill in.

Connecting your QUADSAW® to a dust extractor

If you have purchased the dust extractor accessory, which has a 1 ¼” connector that will fit in a Shop-Vac, Rigid and other popular brand extractors. Take the plastic ring to snap the elbow connector in place and connect to your extractor. Don’t have the dust extractor accessory yet? What are you waiting for? Order one by clicking here and save yourself some time!

That wraps up our top tutorials, do you have a QUADSAW question you need answered? Reach out today, we’re here to help. Just email us at team@quadsaw.com or send a message from our Contact Us Page.