How much does the QUADSAW cost?

The QUADSAW is made in the UK and charged in Pounds Sterling. The price for pre-order is £199 (inc VAT). After the pre-order phase, the price will at the regular price of £199 +VAT. If you are pre-ordering your QUADSAW from outside of the UK, you will be charged in your local currency. Your credit card company will set the exchange rate.

How much does the QUADSAW cost to ship?

If you are in the UK, during the pre-order phase only, shipping is free. If you are in Europe, shipping and insurance is £18.95. For all other territories, including the USA and Canada, shipping and insurance is £24.95.

When is the QUADSAW available?

The UK Model It is still available for pre-order now and will be delivered in the autum of 2017. The US Model pre-orders have reached the capacity of our first production run. Please register your interest here if you want a US Model and did not successfully pre-order one.

How many blades does the QUADSAW come with?

It comes with 6 blades to allow you to cut single and double gang sockets.

Is the height guide adjustable?

The height guide has three settings. The largest of which is set to 45cm, which is the regulation height for most wall sockets in the UK, US and Canada. The height guide can be removed.

Will the QUADSAW cut at any height?

Yes, you can use it to cut at any height, as it has two spirit levels you can maintain a level cut at any height you choose. You do not have to use the height guide if you do not wish to.

Will the QUADSAW cut holes for US sized sockets?

Yes, we have designed a unique model for the US and Canada (when ordering from that region you will automatically receive this version). The QUADSAW has two spirit levels, enabling our US customers to cut straight vertical single gang sockets.

What size holes will the QUADSAW cut?

It will cut standard UK single and double gang sockets.
For the US it will cut standard old work single and double gang boxes.
For Australian sized 52 x 90mm boxes, we will develop a unique version after the launch of the UK and US sized models.

Are the blades adjustable?

The QUADSAW is set to cut two sizes. The blades are set to these sizes. For this reason we have developed a US specific model as well as the UK model. We are working on an Australian size model.
Other industries will be considered too. We have had a great deal of HVAC enquiries and will consider a model for this sector in the future.

What materials will the QUADSAW cut?

Currently it will cut plasterboard (drywall as it called in the US). We are developing other blades to enable the QUADSAW to cut other materials, including wood, ceramic and masonry. We will release them once their development is complete.

How much do the blades cost?

Replacement blades will be reasonably priced and in line with comparable blades (material and quality) on the market. We will not take advantage of the fact that the blades are unique to the QUADSAW. We will release the pricing as soon as it is available.

How do you change the blades?

The blades are changed by simply pressing the button on the side (use a pointed tool to do this). Each blade just slides out and you insert the new one. It takes seconds to change the blades.

What is the depth of the cut?

Up to 30mm plasterboard (drywall).