Due to excessive demand QUADSAWS® are sold out. As a thank you to you, we will offer customers who wanted to buy one now and cannot a 10% discount coupon code to use when stock is available. Just click this link to fill in your contact details and we will be email with your coupon code.

About the product:

The QUADSAW® is a drill attachment that drills a 90 degree square or rectangular holes in drywall, designed for installing sockets, light switches and low voltage mud rings.

The QUADSAW® comes with 

  • Pilot drill + 3 spirit levels to locate and level the cut whether installing the sockets vertically or horizontally. 
  • 6 quick release blades to cut single and double gang holes.
  • NOTE - the electrical socket boxes in the pictures are not included with your purchase.

When purchasing your QUADSAW® you need to select the correct kit for the boxes you want to install. Selecting the correct cut out dimensions will get you the best results:

  • Old Work Plastic -
    • Single gang cut-out size: 2-7/16” X 3-13/16”
    • Double gang cut-out size: 4-2/16” X 3-13/16”
  • Old Work Metal Switch Box - 
    • One size cut-out size: 2-7/32" X 3-11/32"
  • Low Voltage Rings - metal caddy clip and plastic rings -
    • Metal Caddy Clip single gang cut-out size: 2-1/16” X 3-7/16”
    • Metal Caddy Clip double gang cut-out size: 3-14/16” X 3-7/16”
    • Plastic Ring single gang cut-out size: 2-4/16" X 3-12/16"
    • Plastic Ring double gang cut-out size: 4-1/16’’ X 3-12/16"

The QUADSAW® is made in the UK and tested to ensure perfect results

Technical details:

  • cuts holes to the standard size of single and double gang sockets. See blade configuration table below for the types of boxes you install
  • the QUADSAW® requires a drill with No Load RPM between 1750 – 2500 and a universal 1/2 inch (13mm) chuck
  • works with a drill driver (not impact driver) with the required RPM – not hammer or percussion
  • easily cuts regular and dense drywall such as QuietRock.
  • the QUADSAW® can cut into single or double skin drywall to maximum depth of 1"
  • dimensions – 11.4" x 5.5" x 6.1"
  • Weight 5.5 lb
  • Package weight and dimensions (includes carry case and six blades) – 8.7" x 6.7" x 14.4" - 6.2 lb

Note - The QUADSAW® blades are designed to cut into drywall only. We are designing blades for wood, bricks, ceramics and more – keep a look out for our updates

Customer Reviews

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First Impressions


Recieved delivery last Thursday. Due to work/travel, I just did the unboxing.

Beyond the job it can do, the tool is beautiful. Fit and finish are superb. It's obviously built to withstand many, many years of use. As I'm not currently involved in a project, I just played with it on some scrap sheetrock. Works perfectly. (And I love the heavy duty cover that protects the bit/blades.)

I'm not a professional contractor, but I have flipped several homes, and I own 4 properties where I sometimes need to do maintenance. I can already tell how much time and annoyance this tool will save me. Great job!

My next big planned project is not until late next year, but it will be doing all the finish work on my new home. The tool will get a big workout then, but I'm sure to be using it on smaller jobs in the meantime. I'll let you know how it goes.

I can't wait for the self marking box system. I sometimes work with my son. We drove ourselves crazy on our last renovation project as it involved many outlet cuts to a single sheet of drywall in a small kitchen. We both measured everything twice, but still couldn't get it quite right, and we worried about the integrity of that one sheet as we stressed it with many tools/multiple cuts. I can't wait for a similar situation with my new Quadsaw! Cheers!


Blown Away!

I am a licensed Electrician in several states here in the US. I took this to work the very first morning after receiving the quad saw. I am blown away by how great a quality of work that was put into this tool. Very heavy duty, and extremely fast. I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive this tool. Of all the tools I own, I think this will single handedly benefit me the most. All of my coworkers that saw my own demonstrations were blown away also. We have all used the various tools available to us to cut in old work boxes and know how hard it is to make clean unbroken cuts, this tool is amazing. Thank you for making my life easier. In 39 years working in this trade the changes made thru history have been incredible, but this tool tops them all. Thank you and the team at QuadSaw for developing this tool. Blown Away!!! 
Mark Martel